Compact & Slim design / (NF) Nanofiltration filter system

Pureal water purifier

  • A PnP Tankless countertop version allows for a slim & compact design. 
  • It is space efficient and will easily fit anywhere around the house.
  • The filter's New Nano Technology and easy replacement system provide a seamless experience.
  • Non-electric, quiet during operation and save on the electric bills.

About Us

Water Filtration Appliances

Our Company, Picogram, is now expanding  to develop water purifiers while considering the convenience of the customers and the health of the people. Based on the technology that has been accumulated in filters as the core component of water purifiers, we are fostering a paradigm shift in the market by developing products that focus on hygienic and eco-friendly features. The convenience of customers has also been carefully considered by grafting new kinds of technology, such as, hygiene, water saving, energy saving, IOT (Internet of Things), etc., as well as developing various kinds of water purifiers that apply appropriate solutions for each market.